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LLC Prime Shipping

LLC Prime Shipping is a Rosneft Subsidiary in which Rosneft owns 47,5%. Today, Prime Shipping is one of the leading river carriers transporting oil and products by the inland waterways of the Russian Federation and adjacent seas.

LLC Prime Shipping core business includes the following:

-              Arrangement of river shipping in the interest of Rosneft in the Volga, Volga-Kama, Volga-Baltic, Volga-Don, Azov-Don and Azov-Black Sea basins;

-              Operation of bunkering tankers in the Far East;

-              Internavigational shipping of outside charterers' cargoes in the Caspian, Azov, Black, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionic Seas.

Prime Shipping company was established in 2005. Its headcount is 750 FTEs, including over 700 of crew members and 55 office employees in Samara .

Currently, the company owns and operates Russia's most modern river fleet, with its vessels being about 7 years old on average, manufactured at Russian and foreign shipyards in 2004-2012. Prime Shipping owns 18 river tankers with deadweight ranging  from 5,000 t to 7,500 t, as well as 5 barge towing arrangements. In addition to its own fleet, Prime Shipping operates three third party tankers.

Rosneft acquired the Prime Shipping assets in September 2015 via a joint venture between Rosneft (47.5%), Sberbank Investments (47.5%) AND Pietro Barbaro S.p.A.  (5%).

The short-term plans of Rosneft, as a new owner of Prime Shipping, include continued operation of the river fleet along the traditional shipping routes of  products of the Samara Refinery Group and Saratov Refinery during the summer river navigation period. Rosneft started expanding the shipping geography of Prime Shipping and the range of transported products by opening the new  transportation routes and adding new loading ports (Nizhnekamsk, Yaroslavl, Zhigulevsk, Oktyabrsk, Taganrog, Eysk, Kavkaz, Novorossiysk, Tuapse).

In addition to summer scopes, it is planned to use the Prime Shipping fleet to the maximum, particularly during the internavigational (winter) period, for shipping Rosneft cargoes in the Azov-Black Sea basin, and to ship third party cargoes.

In 2015, the Prime Shipping vessels' transportation load totaled 1.1 mmt, and was mainly represented by oil and products (crude oil, fuel oil, bitumen, naphtha, vacuum gasoil, diesel fuel, gasoline).