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Rosneft Develops Cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University

25 January 2023

Lomonosov Moscow State University has been a key Rosneft partner university since 2006. The main areas of cooperation between the Company and the university ‑include personnel training, research and development activities, and the creation of infrastructure for joint projects.

Rosneft interacts with university departments, as well as with Innopraktika, which brings together the Centre for National Intellectual Reserve and the National Intellectual Development Foundation for the Support of Scientific Project Activities of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists. The Company provides targeted funding for innovative programmes and projects in cooperation with the University, as well as charitable assistance to the institution.

In order to attract young specialists with a high level of training to Rosneft’s enterprises, the Company holds annual career guidance events for MSU students and organises internships and work practices for students. The best students are rewarded with corporate scholarships.

The Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals Chair at the Geology Department of Moscow State University has established Rosneft’s Research and Education Centre for Digital Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry. The centre uses interdisciplinary approaches and modern digital technology to educate specialists. The centre runs a master’s programme on Digitalisation in Caustobiolith Geology. Modern software, including the corporate geological modelling software RN-GEOSIM, is used in the education process. Master’s students are involved in solving current applied business problems in digitalisation with the assistance of industry experts and specialists in the Company’s digital transformation.

Rosneft also supports the Vernadsky project, which provides internships for students and teachers at leading Russian educational and scientific organisations. The project also created a single portal for intellectual competitions and contests. There are also competitions for youth scientific and technical initiatives.

The University’s specialists take part in upgrading vocational education programmes and advanced training for teachers at technical schools and colleges in Krasnoyarsk Territory, which provide training of specialists for the Vostok Oil flagship project. The programmes on Oil and Gas Well Drilling at the Taimyr College and Oil and Gas Processing, Technology for the analytical control of chemical compounds at the Achinsk Oil and Gas Technical School was updated in 2021-2022.

Rosneft, together with Moscow State University, implements retraining and professional development programmes for specialists at various levels in relevant areas. Innopraktika is the Company’s main partner in this area. Experts from the MSU Faculties of Geology and Biology, the Moscow School of Economics of MSU, the MSU Graduate School of Business Administration, and the Graduate School of Innovative Business of MSU are also involved in the implementation of the educational programmes. Over the past eight years, more than 2,000 employees have been trained in 73 programmes.

Research and innovation are important areas of cooperation between Rosneft and MSU. Scientists from the MSU Biology Faculty, supported by Rosneft and Innopraktika, have created a unique biopreparation for cleaning up hydrocarbon spills on the shoreline of the northern seas. The technology is based on the use of natural cold-loving micro-organisms that use hydrocarbons as a food source. The preparation is currently being tested in flow-through marine aquaria at the White Sea Biological Station of the Moscow State University.

In 2022, Rosneft and Innopraktika continued to implement a unique project to drill shallow stratigraphic wells in the Eastern Arctic. Core recovered from the subsurface is a source of geological information necessary to determine the age (stratification), composition and formation conditions of the rocks of the Eastern Arctic shelf. The complex laboratory analyses of the extracted core and the generalisation of the available retrospective geological information will be carried out by Innopraktika in the laboratories of Moscow State University.

The specialists of the Tyumen Petroleum Research Centre, which is part of Rosneft’s research and development complex, and Innopraktika also created a unique software suite, RN-Digital Core, in 2022. It is a software product that allows research of a digital copy of a core – a rock sample from an oil well. It is a unique software in Russia. Virtual core modelling not only predicts the hydrocarbon content of a reservoir, but also helps select the most effective development techniques to enhance its oil recovery. The advantage of using a digital model is that the same sample can be examined several times under different conditions. A single exposure to a real sample in experiments leads to a change in its properties.

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January 25, 2023

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